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Services & Solutions

Call Center Headset

Call Centre Solutions

VPRO provides full suite call centre solutions for SME or Enterprise level. 

  1. Cloud Pabx

  2. Call Recording Solutions (Logger), Quality Monitoring (QM) and Workforce Management system (WFM)

  3. Omnichannels

  4. Telco SIP Trunk provider

  5. SMS Solutions

  6. Setup Call Centre

  7. Hardware (telephone, headset and etc)

  8. Professional Services and Maintenance Support

Laptop Keyboard

Software & Application

Do we have our own programmers and own software? Answer is yes. VPRO is carrying multiple products and also developing our own software such as CRM (with more than 40 modules) and Cloud PaBX. If you need to deploy any software, please feel free to contact us!

Products we are carrying:

  1. Centrify

  2. Sophos

  3. Acronis

  4. Allot

  5. Starlight Intel (Cybersecurity)

  6. VoiceCyber

Electronic Board
Electrical Inspectors
Data Center

Network Infrastructure

With our team of experts in infrastructure, we provides following services.

  1. Professional Network Support Services

  2. Cabling Solutions

  3. Data Center

    • Setup​

    • Relocation

    • Server Disposal

  4. Preventive Maintenance

  5. Security

  6. Hardware (network devices, server, cable and etc)

Electric Grinder
Machine Arm Assembling Car

Internet of Thing (IoT)

The world is changing fast and is having industry revolution. This time it will be the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0). VPRO is focusing in IoT to help different industry to achieve their goals (save cost, save electricity, reduce manpower, production efficiency or control and many more!) Let technology helps you in your business so contact us to know more about IoT!

Campaign Pitch

Consultancy Services

VPRO is form by a team of professionals. If you need any consultancy services related to IT or having a business opportunity but without any expert to help out, we are here standby and ready to serve you! Why not say hi to us and get started right now? 

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